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Sat. September 15th - NJ COLA Quarterly Meeting 9AM-Noon, Lake Mohawk Country Club, Sparta, NJ

The September 15th meeting will include a presentation by Eileen Born on the amendments to the “Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act”.  The changes mandate by-laws provisions for all associations in several areas, including Board elections, meeting requirements

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How's the Fishing?

At the June 16, 2018 NJCOLA meeting, Stephen J. Souza, Ph.D., Founder, Princeton Hydro, LLC delivered a presentation on "maximizing the recreational potential of your lake's fishery." He covered the key factors which include having a balanced fishery, good water quality, appropriate stocking and routine surveying.



2018 MEMBER SURVEY DUE 9/15/18

The link to an online 2018 NJCOLA Member Survey was emailed to members on 8/20/18 with a requested response date of Sat. 9/15/18.  The information gathered from survey results will help NJCOLA prepare to meet the needs of its membership in the 2019 season. Responses will be kept confidential and information will be reported only on a summary basis at the November 10th NJ COLA Quarterly Meeting.

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