Ernest Hofer PE - President

Richard Hammler - Vice President

Kathleen McHugh - Secretary /Treasurer

I have been NJCOLA’s Secretary and Treasurer for seven years and I am the Executive Administrative Assistant at the Lake Mohawk Country Club. I am an active member of Balanced Rock Beach in Lake Mohawk for 26 years.


Volunteer Professional Support


Eileen McCarthy Born Esq.  – General Counsel to NJCOLA. I am a partner of the firm of Dolan and Dolan, PA in Newton, which has served the community for nearly 100 years. I dedicate a significant portion of my practice to representation of over 65 lake associations. I assist NJCOLA with case law updates, legislative developments, information regarding dam and water system rehabilitation and funding options, and day-to-day issues facing our member associations and their governing bodies.

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