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New Jersey
Coalition of Lake Associations

Septic Management

Educating the public to maintain septic systems by regular inspection and pumping.

COLA Technical Presentation:

At the June 16, 2018 Quarterly COLA meeting, Paul Sutphen, Clear Lake Technology, LLC, gave a presentation on "A Method to Reduce Septic System Impact on Lakes."  There was much discussion on this topic.  

Paul was later invited to be a guest speaker at the NALMS (North American Lake Management Society) November 2018 Symposium in Cincinnati.  Click here to link to Paul’s website (Clear Lake Technology LLC) to both view this presentation and keep apprised of further research Paul has done on reducing the septic system environmental impact to lakes.

Stephen Souza presented on how Septic Systems play a role in HAB Prevention in July, 2021.  Click here to view the presentation slides.

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